Surviving the Golden Age Premieres EP Stick Around

"The album “outlines the good times and struggles within a relationship” according to Liegel. The titular track sees him ask his lover “what can I do to make you wanna stay and settle down?” The earnest question is sung over a warm, guitar-centric pop tune, similar to early Maroon 5 or Jason Mraz. It’s jaunty while being heartfelt."

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 Author: Adam Morgan

Author: Adam Morgan

Indie Minded Premieres "Lovely"

"We are thrilled to bring you the premiere of “Lovely” by New Jersey-based indie singer-songwriter Mike Liegel. The new track will appear on his upcoming EP release, Stick Around, which will be available on May 12th. Liegel is a former baseball prospect, and I have to say, I am kind of glad he took a step back from baseball to pursue his other passion – music."

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 Author: Kelly Murphy

Author: Kelly Murphy

Interview with Mike Liegel - Pancakes and Whiskey!

"There are hidden gems all over this city, and on any given night you may encounter a star-in-the-making like I did late last year when I caught the last few songs of Mike Liegel’s set at The Bowery Electric. Being it was a Tuesday evening, barely past 7pm in October, I expected an empty room; but what I got instead was a full-house and an unknown band ripping it up on the stage."

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Author: Shayne Hanley

Popdust Premieres "Stick Around" Video!

"Sometimes, the answers are right before our eyes. But we fail to see them, either due to our own complicated inhibitions or a frivolous desire for greener pastures. We are unable to allow ourselves to feel what we need to feel or see what we need to see, tricking our hearts into racing to the next finish line. Singer-songwriter Mike Liegel can certainly relate, as he professes is helpless love for "a girl who is afraid of settling down and is always searching for something better: when, in reality, the perfect guy is right in front of her the whole time," he says about his debut single, "Stick Around," the title cut to his upcoming EP (out May 12)..."

The Vinyl District Premieres "Be There"

“‘Be There’ is a love ballad about realizing you’ve met the love of your life and want to spend every moment you can with them.”

A Hard Day’s Night by The Beatles and Volume One by The Honeydrippers were two records that shaped my life. These were some of the first records I added to my vinyl collection. I remember discovering my copy of Volume One years ago in my garage, before I really started my collection. It was in a milk crate with a bunch of other records that my parents had accumulated over the years and the lettering on the front of the album is what initially caught my eye..."

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    Photo: David Doobinan


Photo: David Doobinan

Interview With Vents Magazine

"Did any event inspire you to write this song?

No, not really. I just imagined a story of someone madly in love with a girl, but no matter what he did or how much he loved her there was nothing he could do to make her stick around because she was afraid of settling down and was always searching for something better...."

Author: Rj Formenta

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Photo: David Doobinan

My Hobbies

I love to go downhill mountain biking, play hi-arc softball, basketball, billiards, and enjoy time on the Lake with all of my friends that I’ve known for 15 plus years. I think any activity can stimulate the brain to be creative in any setting, but I do enjoy being in the serenity of the outdoors when I’m trying to think of new ideas. Also, I think its important to keep people close to me in the loop because they help spark new ideas and keep me motivated to put out the best version of myself. 

What Album Would I Cover and Why?

If I could choose one artist’s album to cover, it would be Billy Joel’s The Stranger. He is a master pianist that isn’t afraid to experiment, and his singing abilities definitely add to his technical abilities. The Stranger, in my opinion, is the perfect album that takes the audience on a trip and gives them a glimpse into his life through his song writing. Its pop; its classic rock; and its all around groovy with a side of true artisanship. When an artist can do this, that’s the sign of great writing, which is what I try to emulate with my own production. 

Thank You Atwood Magazine for the Exclusive Premiere of "Stick Around"!

Exclusive Premiere: Mike Liegel is Helplessly in Love on Debut "Stick Around"

"When you know you’ve got a good thing going, the last thing you want to do is lose it. You’ll stop at nothing to hold onto that future – the promise of love, of happiness, of comfort and togetherness. It takes some longer than others to dispel the notion that the grass is always greener. Sometimes, you just know. Unfortunately for singer/songwriter Mike Liegel, his love interest is torn between him and the great wide open. Liegel’s debut single “Stick Around” is a final, impassioned plea to the love of his life. Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Stick Around,” Mike Liegel’s introductory song to the world and the lead single off his upcoming debut EP Stick Around (independently out 5/17/2017)..."

Author: Mitch Mosk

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